The keys to understanding
French and European public funding

To finance a project or an investment, a company can have recourse to various State and European Union fundings. A multitude of local, national and European schemes are indeed available, but remain complex to identify and understand, thus preventing companies from taking full advantage of them.

The objective of this workshop is to enlighten you on the public funding ecosystem, to allow you to obtain good visibility on the public funding windows and to provide you with the keys of understanding to activate them and make them accessible.


Dominique Carlac’h
President of D&Consultants

Yves Bertoncini
President of YB2i Consulting


Presentation of the French and European Union funding schemes

Familiarise yourself with the different funds and public financing windows (PIA4, Plan France Relance, territorial schemes, European funds, Horizon Europe) and how they work.

National and European financial decision-making processes

Decode trends and drivers in national and European funding, understand the political and functional organisation of French and European decision-makers, master the rules and criteria of the different types of funding.

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