Aide au montage de dossier de financement - Projet Businova


Assistance in putting together the financing file and monitoring the BUSINOVA EVOLUTION project

The client

The SAFRA group specialises in public transport equipment, focusing on two activities: renovation and construction. In recent years, the construction activity has been developed around the design, manufacture, and marketing of a range of urban buses, the Businova.

The need

Safra wanted support in putting together a funding application to ADEME. Safra also needed assistance in monitoring and steering the project over a 5-year period, with all of the project’s industrial and academic partners (Actia, Dufounier Technologies, Phimeca, EDF, Eveerhypole and the Labex IMOBS3).

The result of our mission

Obtaining €3 million in funding and securing this funding for the entire duration of the project thanks to the interface provided by our engineering teams with the funder.

The BUSINOVA EVOLUTION project and its impact:

The Businova project has made it possible to develop and test a multi-hybrid bus specifically designed for optimised use in urban and suburban environments, thanks to the integration of breakthrough innovations. As the first fuel cell bus manufactured in France, the environmental objectives of this project were to further reduce polluting emissions and energy consumption, to study the possibility of integrating new clean motorisation technologies, and to limit noise emissions.

The range of buses offered today by Safra presents an atypical design and an innovative architecture. The 2 dimensions (10.5m and 12m) and the 3 types of motorisation (hydrogen, pure electric and rechargeable hybrid electric) are perfectly in line with the new directives of the Energy Transition Law.

We talk about it

The hydrogen 50 – Safra’s Businova H2 is already on the road