Assistance in setting up the proposal of the PACIFIC project

The client

Sanofi is a global healthcare leader committed to the research, development and commercialisation of therapeutic solutions focused on patients’ needs.

The need

Our team assisted Sanofi and all the project partners (Servier, Medicen Paris Région, AP-HP, Bioserenity, Fealinx, Casis, Firalis) in putting together a “PSPC” financing file from the structuring of the project to the drafting and submission of the file.

The result of our mission

€7M financing via Bpifrance

The PACIFIC project and its impact:

Heart failure affects more than 1 million French people. Half of the patients present a form known as preserved ejection fraction (PFEF), the prognosis of which remains poor due to a lack of knowledge of the disease. To overcome this problem, this project will make it possible to use medical data to identify subtypes of heart failure in order to improve patients’ management by enabling them to follow an adapted care pathway. The increased knowledge and experience gained throughout the project could pave the way for the development of future personalised treatments for each identified patient sub-population, leading to more effective and less costly management of the disease.

We talk about it

France mobilises to treat heart failure