Financement européen Horizon Europe - Projet BlackCycle


[EUROPE] Assistance in preparing the financing file and steering the BLACKCYCLE project

The client

Michelin is a world leader in tyre manufacturing. It produces tyres for passenger cars, trucks and buses, motorbikes, construction equipment, agricultural tractors, and aircraft.

The need

Our team first supported Michelin in the structuring of the H2020 BlackCycle project, the drafting of the funding application, and the submission of this application to the European Commission. Our team is now managing this collaborative project (13 partners) and monitoring the implementation of deliverables and expenses.

The result of our mission

Funding of €12m obtained to contribute to the growth of the circular economy for the tyre industry at a European level

The BLACKCYCLE project and its impact:

The H2020 BlackCycle project, led by Michelin, aims to develop a complete value chain for the recycling of end-of-life tyres in order to extract high-tech secondary raw materials to produce new high-performance tyres.
The project involves 13 organisations in a European public-private partnership, which will demonstrate the technical, environmental, and economic viability of these circular processes. The consortium will develop specific solutions to produce sustainable tyre feedstocks: collection of waste tyres and selection of the feedstock, optimisation of pyrolysis, refining and recovery of the oil, optimisation of the kiln processes and performance evaluation of the sustainable tyres created. The project’s medium-term goal is to have nearly one out of every two used tyres in Europe incorporated into this virtuous circle.

We talk about it

BlackCycle project: production of new tyres from used tyres