Help in setting up and managing the ECOLEO project

The client

Saipol, a subsidiary of the Avril Group, is a French agri-food company specialising in the processing of oilseeds (rapeseed, sunflower) for the production of oils (crude and refined) and oilseed cakes (animal feed), renewable energy for transport (Oleo100 and Diester biodiesel) and vegetable glycerine.

The need

Our team assisted SAIPOL and its partners (ITERG, Lesieur, Limagrain, Terres Inovia) in putting together the ECOLEO project’s application to the Plan de Structuration des Filières agricoles et agroalimentaires (Agricultural and agri-food sector structuring plan), supported by FranceAgriMer as part of the Recovery Plan. Our team is now managing this project and monitoring the implementation of deliverables and expenses.

The result of our mission

Our first mission enabled the project to win the AAP “Plan de Structuration des Filières agricoles et agroalimentaires” (Agricultural and agri-food sector structuring plan) resulting from the agricultural part of the recovery plan and operated by FranceAgriMer, with a €2M grant.

Today, our steering mission allows us to secure the successive payments of the aid tranches and to accompany partners in the technical, administrative and financial management of the project.

The ECOLEO project and its impact:

French consumers are increasingly oriented towards products that respect the environment and their health, particularly with regard to sunflower oil. In addition, the issue of farmers’ remuneration is the most significant lever that would allow higher willingness to pay on the part of consumers. The ECOLEO project is part of this context and aims to create a more sustainable French oleic sunflower oil industry from start to finish: starting from consumers’ expectations and retracing all the links in the value chain up to agricultural production, via processing.